About Us

2009 — Started From The Bottom



Bold, Free, Courageous —That is what defines Godly Image Apparel. Our brand was founded by Reginald Foreman, an ex-offender turned businessman and empowerment speaker. We are a global, leading apparel brand focused on creating apparel that exemplifies spiritual identity, faith, and purpose. Godly Image Apparel is for those who are created in God's image, no matter their shortcomings. 

Formed in a basement in St. Louis, Missouri, Godly Image Apparel is a truly spiritual "rags to riches" story that captures both spiritual freedom and worldly success.

Godly Image Apparel was born from the desire to overcome. There are many struggles on the path to healing and walking victoriously. There are also plenty of mistakes. We are here to show that no matter your shortcomings or failures, you can still walk in faith, in boldness, and in victory.

2021 — Walking In Victory